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EASA Zero to 1500 Flight Hours


Of the Course

From Zero to 1500 hours course is designed for future pilots with no current flight experience. The training starts from PPL(A) to CPL(A) and continues the IR(A), MEP and Flight Instructor ratings. You will have additionally 1300 hours of experience within 2 years of working as a Flight Instructor (Pilot-in-Command time) with Flying Academy, reaching 1500 hours total time, that is not only a crucial milestone for all airlines, but also a turning point for each pilot’s personal flight experience.

Ground Training

During the Zero to 1500 hours, the trainee will complete theoretical courses for PPL(A), IR(A), MEP(A), ATPL theory & FI(A). For the FI rating, the trainee will undergo dedicated preparation to meet the standards of quality of Flying Academy for Flight Instructors. Additionally, you will be able to attend the theoretical training from the comfort of your home with Flying Academy Worldwide Online Campus.

Flight Training

The flight training will start with the PPL(A) and Night Rating, continues with IR(A), MEP(A), CPL(A) and finally FI(A). At the end of the training plus 2 years of employment, the trainee will have a minimum of 1500 total flight hours (including PPL(A) time):

  • 1400 hours as Pilot-in-Command
  • 100 hours of Dual hours (training received) 

Practical Exams

The practical skill exams in the airplane with the examiner can be taken after successful completion of the written tests.
For the 0-1500 hours, there are 6 practical examinations: PPL(A), IR(A), MEP(A) & MEP(A) IR, CPL(A) and FI(A)
The applicant must demonstrate the ability to:

  • Operate the airplane within its limitations
  • Complete all maneuvers as smooth and as accurate as requested by EASA/FAA
  • Exercise good judgment and airmanship
  • Apply aeronautical knowledge
  • Apply the emergency procedures and maintain safe operations
  • Maintain control of the airplane at all times

Theoretical Exams

For PPL(A) the applicant has to demonstrate the theoretical knowledge at the CAA office in the form of written tests. Tests consist of nine subjects (Meteorology, Navigation, Communications, Aircraft General Knowledge, Principles of flight, Air Law, Flight performance and planning, Human Performance and limitations, Operational procedures).
For ATPL(A) – An applicant must demonstrate a level of knowledge appropriate to the privileges of the holder of ATPL(A) in accordance with EASA requirements of Part-FCL. As of recently, students are able to undergo their written theoretical exams at Flying Academy under the Austro Control Authority.

Course Curriculum



Be at least 18 years old


Be Class 1 Medical holder


Be proficient in the English language & have sufficient knowledge of Mathematics and Physics

Why Choose Flying Academy

Access Innovative Learning Management System

Broad International Community

Top of the Line Fleet

Experienced & Talented instructors

Located in Miami & Los Angeles

State of the Art Virtual Classrooms

Complete ground training from the comfort of your home

Interactive Coursework, Stage Checks, and Monitored Progress

Dedicated flight training consultant & customer support


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