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DGCA Basic Course

with remote ground training

Of the Course

The basic program is for students wishing to complete their practical training locally, in India. This program consists of DGCA ground examination preparation, including Air Navigation, Air Regulation, Meteorology, and Technical, all carried out with our brilliantly talented instructors, as per usual, in our state of the art virtual classrooms, which offer you optimum connectivity, as well as interactivity, all with the assistance of the new and improved eLearning portal (Learning Management System). eLearning now offers way more effective study tools such as handbooks, interactive assignments, a loaded question bank with over 3000 questions, and segregated chapters that will help you become the best pilot you can be!

Ground Training

Virtual classrooms are set up with state of the art technology and an abundance of interactive learning parameters to make sure students unlock their full potential. 

You will gain access to the all inclusive Learning management System (eLearning), fully equipped with handbooks, practice tests, original videos, assignments, tutorials, presentations, and many more tools which form the 21st century pilot…

Course Curriculum

Air Regulations
Air Navigation
RT (Radio Telephony)



17 years of age & above


Valid Class I Medicals


Valid Foreign License or Applying in Flying Academy for the Pilot training

Why Choose Flying Academy

Access Innovative Learning Management System

Broad International Community

Top of the Line Fleet

Experienced & Talented instructors

Located in Europe and the USA

State of the Art Virtual Classrooms

Complete ground training from the comfort of your home

Interactive Coursework, Stage Checks, and Monitored Progress

Dedicated flight training consultant & customer support

Price List

Air Regulations
25000 ₹
Air Navigation
50000 ₹
25000 ₹
50000 ₹

With access to the eLearning DGCA Testing Portal


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Miami, Florida
Los Angeles California, Corona
Los Angeles California, Van Nuys
172 RG172 RG
Prague, Czech Republic
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Bad Vöslau, Vienna

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