Czech republic

Our vision

Hangar Homes aims to provide new and innovative hangar spaces to store aircraft in a new-fashioned manner. Using high-tech equipment and modern aviation technology, Hangar Homes is bringing a safe and exquisite unit; for personal and professional storage for aircraft. Beautifully located in the Bohemian Paradise, Jicin is full of historical monuments and stories, making it the ultimate tourist destination. Additionally, heavy air traffic is guaranteed due to the various airports that surround Hangar Homes, making it a strategic location catering to a wide range of flight schools, private pilots, and business aircraft.

The upper level of the Home acts as a luxurious apartment where people can rent them as summer homes or spend a few days on holiday while having their aircraft parked just below them. They are creatively spacious and privacy is well assured!

The apartments are constructed beautifully with a fully furnished lounge area, dining area, and sleeping areas. They also include balconies in each apartment with large windows to fully show the beauty of the Bohemian Paradise.

Car parking provisions are also included in the Hangar Homes..”

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