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International students

International students

Moving to study in another country could be overwhelming sometimes, we appreciate that leaving one’s home environment is not easy- which is why we have a dedicated team to assist you with all matters for a smooth transition into your pilot training.

  • Visa Procedure
  • Accommodation arrangements
  • Transportation arrangements
  • Consultation prior to arrival/ upon arrival concerning life expenses, general information about the base itself, the city, etc…

Our dedicated training consultants are always available to help and guide our international students with services, assistance, and support. From visa procedures done from your own country to procedures done on-base, you will be fully supported by our consultants at Flying Academy.

Our international pilot training has also opened its possibility of remote pilot training via our exquisite worldwide online campus.

What do we offer?

Customer support

  • Any issues/concerns you may have while on-base or studying remotely, our team is dedicated to tend to your needs and answer all your questions.

Study Program

  • According to your qualifications, requirements, and wants – our team will provide you with a list of the most suitable programs you wish to accomplish.

Visa Procedure – USA

  • The procedure is divided into two parts: Obtaining the I-20 form and obtaining the M-1 visa. All documents required from our side when applying for a visa to our bases in the United States will be given and supported by Flying Academy, this way, the procedure will be done with ease.

Visa Procedure – Europe

  • All documents required when applying for a visa to our bases in Europe will be given and supported by Flying Academy, this way, the procedures can be done with ease.


  • When coming to one of our bases in the US, our team will help you find accommodation according to your preferences and needs. Our staff can assist in finding you your own flat or a room to rent with other students to keep the costs as lowest as possible.


  • During your training, from base to airport, transportation will be provided. However, commuting for leisure will be at your own expense.


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Bad Vöslau, Vienna
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Miami, Florida
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Prague, Czech Republic
Van Nuys, California
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Brno East, Czech Republic
Corona, California